Learn to solve and construct triangles



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Triangulos is an educational application designed for primary school and secondary education students to help them train their knowledge in the area of trigonometry.

Basically, Triangulos is about solving triangles. In a very simple and suitable for children interface we will find a field where we must insert a value for each side of the triangle with which we will then practice the exercise. With this information, Triangulos will represent the triangle graphically and will calculate its angles.

On this figure we can do four specific calculations: represent the barycentre, the circumcentre, orthocentre and incircle of the triangle.

More than just using it to correct specific problems, most interestingly on Triangulos is that if we want to, we can look up the steps it takes to graphically represent the figure, and this can be of help to children for when they have to solve this kind of exercise.
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